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The Bionova® Traceability Software for Automatic Reading and Traceability of Rapid, Super Rapid, Ultra Rapid Biological Indicators and Hygiene Monitoring Systems was designed to be used as a central tool for the traceability and recording of results of biological indicators with fluorescence readout.

This comprehensive system allows linking all the information of the BI with the sterilizer and its manufacturer, the operator, cycle characteristics and all relevant data of the sterilization activities. The system allows storing data, documenting it and processing it historically in a database most usefuland flexible.

The Bionova® Traceability Software has incorporated the Hygiene Monitoring traceability, allowing you to follow the status of the Protein Pen incubation and save all the quantitative measurements. This tool is operative from the Bionova® software version 2.2.

Software versions

Latest version available


-Improvement in communication security. The firmware of the incubators must be updated in order to use this version.
– A new tool was incorporated, capable of generating a virtual ticket similar to the printed one, thus enabling the access to the last 50 incubations.
– A new Bionova (R) Exchange License mode was incorporated, in order to facilitate the exchange of data between the systems.
– Every incubation of Biological and Hygiene Indicators now has an ID Ticket Number, also available on the incubator’s printed ticket.
– Various performance improvements.
– Minor corrections in several languages.
Previous versions


– The fields that must be completed are indicated more clearly.
– Correction of texts and labels.
– Improved detection of IC1020FRLCD.
– Minor corrections and improvements of functionality.
– On the Chemical Indicator Results tabs, the “User Evaluation” column was added.


-For rejected cleaning indicators, the detected ink area is indicated.
-Numerous improvements

-The compatibility of the “Automatic System for Quality Control and Traceability of Washing, Disinfection and Sterilization Processes Trazanto” is incorporated.
-Configuration of the number of mandatory fields to be filled in using the “Mandatory fields level” option.
-Several improvements in usability and connectivity.

-A new module named Bionova® Exchangeis added, which acts as interface between the compatible incubators and the third parties software, creating files available for the user to implement the data interchange between both systems.
-Traditional Chinese language was added.
-Korean language was added.

– General improvements.

-A new functionality was added for a fast loading of PRO data through bar code reading.
-Chinese language was added.
-Minor corrections.

-Products PRO1VTN and PRO1VTP added.
-Calculation and uploading improvements for tool HTM01-01.
-General improvements for PRO section.
-General improvements.

– Threshold selection added for Pro1 Micro hygiene indicator results.
– Improved data loading.
– Improved detection.

– Support for IC10/20FRLCD.
– Support for multiple connected incubators.
– Notifications of results in the background.
– Possibility of user change with incubations in progress.
– Wizard to configure WILINK.

– The new programs corresponding to the new biological indicators are added : BT96 and BT224
– The temperature calibration functionality for MiniPro was added with its respective calibration certificate.

– Incorporation of new toolbox for implementing an Internal Quality Assurance Scheme (IQAS) with the aim of monitoring, over time, the efficiency of the cleaning process.
– Time to the next temperature calibration was changed from 6 months to 12 months, in the certificates issued.
Available for IC10/20FR, Bionova® MiniBio and Bionova® MiniPro.

OS Windows 7 or higher.
.Net Framework 4.0.

Click here to download Bionova® 4.3

Software operator’s manual

See traceability software operator’s manual

If your PC or notebook has Windows XP, you should download Bionova® 2.4 (later versions are not compatible).

Click here to download Bionova® 2.4


Bioupdate (Firmware update)











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