Firmware versions

Latest version available

MiniPro rev 1.3

– A consecutive and unique ticket number is added for each result (positive, negative, cancelled, invalid). Ticket from 1 to 9,999,999.
– Storage of the last 50 results that can be consulted from Bionova and can be printed through a virtual ticket.
– Improvement in communication security.
– Changes in result reprinting, to print the last 3 correlative results, regardless of position.

Previous versions

MiniPro rev 1.2

– Threshold configuration, using Bionova software, added for Pro1 Micro hygiene indicator results.
– Selected threshold added to the printed results and reprints.

MiniPro rev R1.1.0.5
Added an acoustic alarm 30 seconds before the end of reading.

MiniPro rev R1.1
Modification of PRO1 MICRO incubation time to 10 minutes.


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