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IC1020FR 2.14

– A consecutive and unique ticket number is added for each result (positive, negative, cancelled, invalid). Ticket from 1 to 9,999,999.
– Storage of the last 50 results that can be consulted from Bionova and can be printed through a virtual ticket.
– Improvement in communication security.
– Changes in result reprinting, to print the last 13 correlative results, regardless of position.

IC1020FR 2.13
– Alarm added prior to end of program on the Pro1 Micro. (30 seconds beforehand).
– Threshold configuration, using Bionova software, added for Pro1 Micro hygiene indicator results.
– Selected threshold added to the printed results and reprints.

Previous versions

IC10/20FR Rev.2.12
New incubation programs added:
BT224 – 20 min. 60 °C
BT96 – 30 min. 60 °C

IC10/20FR Rev.2.11
Ability of changing the program when performing an extended incubation in a different position of the area.
It was added a red blinking light that indicates the position in which the autotest failed.

IC10/20FR Rev.2.10
Incorporation of PRO micro quantitative readout.
Auto-test after temperature callibration.
Incorporation of reprint of the last 12 readings.

IC10/20FR Rev.2.9
Addition of PRO 2 readout.
Addition of 2-hour incubation program (BT102).
Addition of Turkish as printing language.
Addition of Self-Test when initiating.
System startup with pre-set program and temperature.

IC10/20FR Rev.2.8
Addition of printing language change mode.

IC10/20FR Rev.2.7
Addition of time zone change and time setting.


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