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#InnovativeProducts 🎯 Touch Screen Auto Reader

Do you know our highlighted auto-reader?

We invite you to ask us all the questions you want about IC10/20FRLCD.

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Terragene was founded in 2006 with national resources, and its production and development plant is located in Rosario, Argentina. Today, through its Infection Control Division, it is a leading manufacturer, offering more than 150 products for the control efficiency of sterilization, cleaning, washing and thermo disinfection processes in hospitals, dental clinics and food, cosmetic, Pharmacists and medical devices.

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written by Connie Aigner On 11 December 2019

English please?

written by LUCIANO On 18 December 2019

Thanks for your interest!
Have you tried changing the language? You only have to click the flag of your language
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