Did you know that you can export the results stored in the #Bionova traceability software?

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Export results stored in Bionova traceabililty software

Currently, many healthcare institutions use their own software to record information related to their daily processes. However, these softwares could not be directly connected to the different Bionova® incubators, so the sterilization process within such software remained incomplete.

In order to meet such requirement, Bionova® software incorporates (as of version 3.5) a new module named “Bionova® Exchange”. Such module interfaces between the incubators and the third party software, using a system of XML files to implement the data exchange between both systems. Results are exported at the same time they are being saved within Bionova® software.

For more information, you can download the Software Manual on our website (link below) or you can contact our Product Specialists asking for the Bionova® Exchange Module – Developer’s Manual.


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