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Automatic endoscope reprocessors efficacy

Endoscopes are extremely complex reusable medical devices. Due to their contact with mucous membranes and human tissues, cleaning and high-level disinfection processes prior to reuse must be carried out in order to avoid pathogen transmission.

Endoscope reprocessing involving automatic washer disinfectors requires minimal user intervention and generates highly reproducible washing cycles. It is therefore essential to control the efficacy of these processes in order to ensure compliance with cleanliness standards.

Terragene® launches Lumenia System. A complete line of challenge devices and tests soil to control flexible endoscopes washing efficiency.

Main advantages:

  1. Different configurations according to the different automatic endoscope reprocessors in the market
  2. Its capsules permit the use of two cleaning indicators, one internal and one external.
  3. Compatible with the automatic system for quality control and traceability Trazanto.

More details in the link below:

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Terragene was founded in 2006 with national resources, and its production and development plant is located in Rosario, Argentina. Today, through its Infection Control Division, it is a leading manufacturer, offering more than 150 products for the control efficiency of sterilization, cleaning, washing and thermo disinfection processes in hospitals, dental clinics and food, cosmetic, Pharmacists and medical devices.

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