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TERRAGENE SA laboratory focuses its activities on designing, developing and manufacturing high quality products. They are elaborated under quality management standards with the aim of providing medical, biotechnologic  and electronic devices related to the field of the company, complying with the conditions set by the clients, in order to increase the points of sale within the national and international market.

Levels of effectiveness of the products offered are maintained and improved over time, through:

  • The allocation of resources necessary for the processes’ development, control and improvement, orientated to technological innovation.
  • The correct training of the staff in every aspect necessary for the development of the activities.
  • The development and implementation of work plans, in order to improve the system’s efficiency.
  • The maintenance of appropriate conditions in sanitary, security and building facilities.
  • The system’s adaptation to the national current regulations, as well as to changes in our customers’ requirements.

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