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The development and progress of humanity requires new models of communication, cooperation and production. These models require more and more, highly efficient actions. The world needs companies with management capacity, competitiveness, responsibility and commitment. The knowledge economy places technology and science as the sources of new paradigms capable of changing the culture of communities in very short times.

TERRAGENE® has as MISSION, to improve people’s quality of life through constant innovation in technologies applied to infection control, agroindustrial development, care for the environment and energy production.


We are commited to innovating permanently and offering innovative technologies produced under sustainable production systems.

The management policy consists essentially of R+D+i as the fundamental axes of growth and the search for competitiveness. Innovation and investment are fundamental concepts in the strategic VISION of TERRAGENE®.


Corporate VALUES and day-to-day actions consist of team work, loyalty, confidentiality, continuous improvement actions, ongoing training, cooperation and care for the environment.

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