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Terragene was founded in 2006 with national resources, and its R&D and production plant is located in Alvear, Argentina. Today, along with its Infection Control Division, it is a leading manufacturer of more than 150 products for sterilization processes’ control efficiency; cleaning, washing and thermo-disinfection in hospitals; dental clinics, and food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

100% of Terragene’s products are manufactured in Argentina, through last generation technology and the excellence of a professional team with an extensive experience in microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry and electronics.

Terragene has dedicated much of its efforts to investment on investigation, development and innovation of products and processes.

The company is internationally recognized for its innovative ability and quality. Technological products are sold in over 60 countries, meeting the highest quality standards.
Terragene is a company with ISO 13485 certification.

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