The company divisions work every day in the development and elaboration of products that contribute to health care, improve people’s lives,
care for the environment and strengthen the productive processes’ quality in the agricultural and cattle-farming sectors.

Industrial Park | MICRO

We are currently building a new facility.
Located on kilometer 280 of the Aramburu highway (Rosario-Buenos Aires), in the city of Alvear, province of Santa Fe. Strategic access to
the major cities and ports of the country and the region.
100% sustainable project, environmentally friendly.


Terragene® presents a new packaging for its whole Chemical Indicator line. This new bag format is made with interlocking ridges near the edges, so as to be easily closed or sealed by pressing one side of the opening against the other. This barrier seals the inside from oxygen, light and humidity allowing better storage conditions for the Chemical Indicators. This new packaging reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint since it is 100 % reusable and recyclable.

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